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We are leading solvent recoverers in Karnataka, specialised in:

Supply of Recycled and Reclaimed solvents , Toll Recovery of Solvents ,

Purchase of used and redundant solvents.

BCPL is providing the below services:

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  • Supply of Recycled and Reclaimed solvents
  • Toll Recovery of Solvents
  • Purchase of used and redundant solvents


    We are the leading solvent recyclers of Karnataka in India and one of the country's market leaders in Handling, Purification and Recycling of solvents for sale. With plants across Bangalore in Karnataka, we purify used solvents to produce high quality recovered solvents that can be re-used / recycled by the customers or can be re-sold in the market.

    BCPL offers a full solvent recovery service right from collecting the waste solvents using our vehicles from any site within Karnataka state and recover the solvent for reuse and / or Re-sale of the recovered solvent.

    Our expert team helps you to review your processes and to recover and reuse solvents from a wide range of processes even from complex mixtures with high variability from batch to batch. We have pilot testing facility to respond to the specific needs and requirements from its customers irrespective of the volumes.

    We are registered carriers of hazardous wastes and our highly trained expert team has many years of experience in the safe transportation of hazardous wastes along with documentation.

    • Our State of Art facilities include

      • Flash Distillation
      • Fractional Distillation
      • Vacuum Distillation facilities

    • Spent Solvents that are suitable for solvent recovery include

      • Halogenated solvents
      • Non-halogenated solvents
      • Alcohols
      • Ketones
      • Esters
      • Organic acids
      • Amines
    • The residues that remain after the solvent recovery will be sent to KSPCB approved common Incinerator for incineration.


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    • BCPL is one of the leading solvent management companies in India, who provide efficient and cost effective services of solvent recycling and purification, solvent waste disposal and sale of recovered solvents.

      Our company optimizes the regeneration of all types of solvents by highest efficiency in terms of yield and quality, producing an equivalent quality to that of a fresh solvent by using high performance structured columns. The purity of the distilled solvent is so high that it can be reused in the process of all chemical related industries.

      After distillation of mixed solvents by following the highest Standard Operating Procedures like cGMP, the processed solvents can be reformulated with virgin or distilled solvents to obtain the original formula.

      To avoid risk of cross contamination, we have dedicated some of the equipments to specific customers.

      Depending on the quantity required, the material will be dispatched in tankers or drums. Alternatively, used solvents that cannot be recovered back can be processed into thinners and adhesives.

    • We offer an extensive range of high quality recovered solvents including

      • Dimethyl Formamide (DMF)
      • Methanol
      • Acetone
      • Toluene
      • Acetic Acid
      • Isopropyl Alcohol
      • Tetrahydrofuran
      • Methylene dichloride
      • Ethyl Acetate
      • Acetonitrile
    • View the range of products in “PRODUCTS” page for complete range of recovered solvents for sale. BCPL is a fully registered carrier for the transportation of hazardous solvents and wastes, adhering to all norms of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB).


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    • Apart from single streams, mixed waste solvents also will be considered for purchase. Streams arising from industries like Pharmaceuticals, Electronics Manufacturing, Automotives, Printing, Polymers & Resin Manufacturing, Fiber Glass, Aerospace and defence companies will be accepted.

      Clients who are interested in solvent waste disposal should give detailed specifications of the waste stream, upon receipt of the same, our expert staff who are highly trained, will visit the site to check and collect a combined uniform sample for analysis, followed by quotation and purchase.

      Being authorized by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) for Management, Handling and Transboundry movement for handling the hazardous Waste, we are the registered carriers for the transportation of hazardous wastes, adhering to all norms of KSPCB.

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